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These crimes included indecent and vulgar behavior, fornication, veneral disease, adultery and a series of premarital pregnancies.In comparison to male institutions, the custodial institutions had design and values.

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Unfortunately, in 1825, Rachel Welch, a pregnant woman died from beatings she received from a male guard.

However, this incident led to momentous changes in how they housed the incarcerated women.

Out of 100,000, they have imprisoned some 716 persons. The officials often welcome judicial interventions since the overcrowding in the prisons made it difficult to control the prison populations.

Throughout the 1980s, prisoners’ litigation in the federal courts experienced dramatic increase. Crowded prison have more prisoners in the jail than what the facility can allow.

They offered very little in regards to the rehabilitative programming for the incarcerated women.

These women whom they placed in custody faced several distinctive issues, with many of which the prison was ill-equipped to deal.

Before the authorities developed the female institution, they housed the women in a separate division of the male prison.

In general, the women in these sections encountered horrific conditions.

In several instances, the men remained for extensive time than they required to complete the duties that pertained to their job.

Unsurprisingly, many prison-related pregnancies occurred from these interacted experiences.


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