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The following myths and their effects on marriage will be discussed: Everyone has affairs, the affair is the direct result of the faithful mate and, the marriage must end in divorce.In examining the various myths, this paper will challenge the greater issue, can marriage survive infidelity?The first form of adultery is Accidental Infidelity.

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This brings us to our first myth: Everyone has affairs.

People tend to associate with others who share the same values and morals as they do.

Although the topic of discussion in both scenes is infidelity, the two scenes contrast more than they compare. Most of the Temptation scene takes place outdoors, in a garden.

The atmosphere is open but the conversation stifling.

"Anna Karenina", a Russian novel written by Leo Tolstoy, provokes the world of marriage, family, and adultery with its first line, "All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." This provocative quote reflects on how the two families, the Oblonskys and Karenins, in the novel faced struggles in marriages as they became the wretched victims of infidelity.

The marriage of Stepan and Dolly Oblonsky fell apart due to Infidelity in Othello Two important scenes in Othello are the "Temptation scene" (3.3) and the "Willow scene" (4.3).It is estimated that two out of three marriages fail due to infidelity.This is a scary statistic considering that people believe a marriage can survive infidelity.They believe that “love” is a game that they are constantly playing.They are no good at marriage since the game involves obtaining women and discarding them. The Accidental, Romantic and Philanders affairs are the three most common and therefore it is easy to see why many believe that “everyone has...Brenda, a character from Evelyn Waugh's A Handful of Dust shows the depraved mind in women during this period and Maisie Farange's parents Many people promise to love their spouse ‘til death do them apart, but research has proven this vow to be broken after seven years.Statistics show infidelity is one of the leading causes of marital disruption and divorce; one in every three marriages end in divorce.Also the differences to infidelity experiences are used on this research article with either if they At the turn of the century, modernization of traditions also increased family breakups and infidelity; however these situations were not seem to be the norm.The characters in the novels A Handful of Dust and What Maisie Knew show the evolution of family breakups and infidelity due to their depraved actions.There was a time when more smart-conscious decisions were made relating to sexual relationships.In particular, sexual relationships within a marriage. The pillars that hold up our individual sexual values have started to crumble.


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