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Sharks are prone to bioaccumulation through diet (biomagnification) as they incorporate metals very efficiently and eliminate them slowly.While the World Health Organization (WHO) has set limits for levels of heavy metals permitted in fish meat, in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, these limits are not regulated; so three researchers from Chile decided to investigate shark meat intended for consumption.Much of the trunk and organ meat is used to make fish-meal, which is then fed to farmed fish.

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Essay On Biomagnification

Due to consumer demand, this by-catch is sold to Asian fish markets as fin and trunk meat.(03/05/2013) While a new study warns that up to 100M sharks are killed annually, there are signs out of China that demand for shark fin may be on the decline.A study published last week in the journal Marine Policy estimated shark deaths at 100 million in 2000 and 97 million in 2010, suggesting a slight drop in shark killing.Bioaccumulation and Biomagnification: Minamata Disease History of Minamata Disease. File: Minamata map illustrating Chisso factory effluent routes2- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. File: Minamata map illustrating Chisso factory effluent routes2- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Methylmercury Contamination in Fish, CSA - Discovery Guides. Methylmercury Contamination in Fish, CSA - Discovery Guides. In 1908 the Chisso Corporation, a major chemical manufacturer in Japan, opened a nitrogenous fertilizer factory in the small fishing town of Minamata (figure 1). [ONLINE] Available at: Minamata_map_illustrating_Chisso_factory_effluent_routes2 The liver and kidneys were the main organs of accumulation, and the biomagnification factors of EHDAB ranged from 8.97 to 11.0 and 6.44 to 10.8, respectively.In addition, EHDAB significantly increased the activities of cytochrome P450 (CYP) 1A, CYP3A and glutathione S-transferase in the fish liver.Jeff Corwin talks sharks (12/04/2012) Sharks are among the most feared of all the world’s predators, yet humans kill tens of millions of sharks for every person who falls victim to shark attack. Figure 1 Concentration changes of EHDAB in larvae during 10 days of exposure.Lead concentrations in both species exceeded recommended limits, constituting a risk for human health.Metals were more concentrated in organ meats and in the larger-sized sharks.


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