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Affect and narrative operate in tandem—and sometimes, as I will show, in tension.

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Like the NPS, I am invested in the “feel” of this fraught historical site.

For me, this means asking how it functions today, for visitors, at several affective registers: the as affect emanating from landscapes, built structures, and objects on-site.

To this end, the interpretive center, which is located in the camp's original auditorium building, collects diverse artifacts: a home plate from the baseball field, a Kendo helmet and gloves, and children's marbles, along with news clippings, ID tags, and other everyday objects from the period.

Vintage photos, film footage, and audio recordings recreate the era.

My essay foregrounds the environmental features of the relocation experience—the extreme desert weather, the mountain vistas, the rock gardens, the cemetery, and the reconstructed barracks, guard towers, and barbed wire—in order to enhance existing accounts of Manzanar with a perspective that accentuates the impacts of the natural and built environments at this complex site.

I engage several of the available oral histories, but mostly I use to frame my essay.This essay investigates the natural landscapes and built structures at the Manzanar National Historic Site, the first of ten incarceration camps to open in 1941 and a temporary home for over 11,000 Japanese Americans.Using former incarceree Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston's writing as a touchstone, my essay foregrounds the environmental features of the (re)location: the extreme desert weather, the mountain vistas, the incarceree-created rock gardens, the reconstructed barracks, guard tower, and barbed wire fence, and the cemetery/monument.I investigate these registers by using insights from material ecocriticism: an approach that “takes matter as a text, as a site of narrativity.” Material ecocritics understand matter in an unconventional way.More than raw material for human use, matter—the food we ingest, the soil in which we grow food, the natural and human-made structures we see, smell, and touch—has agency in the form of profound impacts on the world and its occupants.Houston describes her first impression of the arid valley that would be her home for the next three-and-a-half years as a “swirl” that is both environmental and emotional.She continues to bring together environment and affect throughout her memoir, 's frank, observant young narrator recounts the homesickness, humiliation, and racism, as well as the cultural, economic, and personal losses experienced by those incarcerated.Many stories are being unearthed today by archaeologists and historians on-site, and others gathered in archives such as These memoirs, photographic essays, and interviews are intimately connected to the natural and built environment of the place.How do objects—flowers, rocks, origami cranes, broken glass, handwritten letters, and artifacts from the 1940s—that reside, circulate, or are left at this site, affect visitors?How do the natural landscapes and built structures at Manzanar facilitate emotions about incarceration, and so shape attitudes about nationalism, war, and racism, in the U. These are complicated questions, since none of the categories at stake in them—landscape, object, public memory, doesn't exactly define affect, but it does provide a methodological model for tracing affective “intensities” in the world—intensities that are “more fractious, multiplicitous, and unpredictable than symbolic meanings.”Of course, affect and emotion are dynamic; they can even become one another.


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