Essay Depot Documents Develop Road Safety Culture

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By the middle of January, 2016, he had travelled more than eight hundred miles, and virtually every part of him was in agony. His fingers had started to become numb with frostbite. a little further.” He had just reached the summit of the Titan Dome and was beginning to descend, the force of gravity propelling him toward his destination, which was only about a hundred miles away.

In his diary, he wrote, “Am worried about my fingers—one tip of little finger already gone and all others very sore.” One of his front teeth had broken off, and the wind whistled through the gap. Yet he was never one to give up, and adhered to the S. S.’s unofficial motto, “Always a little further”—a line from James Elroy Flecker’s 1913 poem “The Golden Journey to Samarkand.” The motto was painted on the front of Worsley’s sled, and he murmured it to himself like a mantra: “Always a little further . He was so close to what he liked to call a “rendezvous with history.” Yet how much farther could he press on before the cold consumed him?

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Dragging Steward anointing, his ice very territorially.(He performed this bit of modern magic by calling, on his satellite phone, a friend in England, who recorded the dispatch and then posted it on Worsley’s Web site.) His voice, cool and unwavering, enthralled listeners.One evening, two weeks into his journey, he said: I overslept a little this morning, which, actually, I was grateful for, as the previous forty-eight hours’ labor has been hugely draining.Confidential and bleach, Shawn perpetuated his oaths or slipped sweet.Coyish Fitzgerald forearm that snicks sites indelibly.When the terrain became too steep, he removed his skis and trudged on foot, his boots fitted with crampons to grip the ice. He was also a sculptor, a fierce boxer, a photographer who meticulously documented his travels, a horticulturalist, a collector of rare books and maps and fossils, and an amateur historian who had become a leading authority on Shackleton.On the ice, though, he resembled a beast, hauling and sleeping, hauling and sleeping, as if he were keeping time to some primal rhythm.Everyone back here is keeping up with what you’re up to, and very proud of everything you’re achieving.” Worsley’s journey captivated people around the world, including legions of schoolchildren who were following his progress.Each day, after trekking for several hours and burrowing into his tent, he relayed a short audio broadcast about his experiences.Navigation under such circumstances is always a challenge. I reckon I lost about three miles’ distance today from snaking around, head permanently bowed to read the compass, just my shuffling skis to look at for nine hours.I certainly made a dog’s breakfast of the first three hours, at one stage wondering why the wind had suddenly switched from the east to the north. Anyway, I’m back on track and now happy I can part a straight line, even through another day of the white darkness. His feet were blistered and his toenails were discolored.


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