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“Chalone Chenin, which was planted in 1919, was a big deal,” he says, adding that he plans to open a bottle of the Monterey County producer’s 1960 vintage soon.

Chappellet, too, was considered a quality Chenin Blanc producer; the 1984 Bern’s wine list indicated that the cuvée was “very dry.”Interestingly enough, today’s boutique producers value Chenin Blanc for some of the same reasons as the bulk producers from generations past.

The addition of Viognier and Roussanne adds complexity with each component contributing its distinctive characteristics to the blend, bringing out hints of pear, melon and granadilla.

This wine is perfect on its own as an aperitif but will also pair well with a wide range of foods, especially sushi, oysters, Asian curries, sweet-and-sour dishes and summer salads.

This is a medium-bodied white blend made primarily from South Africa’s classic white variety, Chenin Blanc.

Chenin Blanc is known for its generosity of fruit and friendliness towards most foods.

“I think that Chenin Blanc is just a great variety to work with,” says Haarmeyer.

“It naturally holds its acidity better than some others.” The grape’s adaptability also makes it attractive, which is why Chenin Blanc has become a signature variety of South Africa, far from its cool home region of the Loire Valley.

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