Essay About The Use Of Cellphones While Driving

Essay About The Use Of Cellphones While Driving-27
Traffic accidents cause injury and death to millions of persons around the world.Other results of accidents include loss of property.However, when someone uses their cell phone while driving, they arent able to concentrate at all; which is a larger risk.

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Although some people are capable of multitasking while driving, its still extremely risky.

When answering a phone call, even it if it isnt urgent, can cause the driver to drive slower, especially during rush hours.

Just like a driver would get a ticket for speeding, police men should also hand out tickets for cell phone use.

Even if a person is still speeding, most of the time, theyre still paying attention to their driving and whats going on around them.

Therefore, I completely support the ban of cell phone usage while driving.

Texting or using a cell phone while driving is very perilous to yourself and the people surrounding you.All of this leads to accidents and people getting hurt.Drivers using their cell phones while driving have less ability trying to concentrate on the road and the danger surrounding the vehicle.The lives of innocent people are being taken every day due to a simple distraction.Using cell phones while driving causes the driver to have less control of the vehicle.The dictionary defines an accident as an unforeseen and unwanted event or a disaster that occurs without any warning.However, strictly speaking, a number of traffic ‘accidents’ do not qualify as accidents since they could have been avoided.Vehicle accidents occur when a car collides with another car, pedestrian, or animal.A vehicle may also veer of the road and hit some stationary object such as a tree or pole or reaches a rough terrain such as a steep slope.People would feel safer driving and pedestrians would feel more at ease walking on the streets.Although theres a law that bans drinking and driving, there are still collisions caused from it.


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