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They think the only alternative to this is abortion, and they think that its ok and it’s the thing to do. So now, there are actually people fighting against this new policy, not even thinking about the fact that the abortion rate will be extremely high also. They are so worried about keeping the population down in their country that they are willing to kill their unborn child to do it. I’m not against the culture of population control; I just think that they are doing it the wrong way. The way China is going about this population control may be the most sensible way to them, but it creates more problems than it solves.

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This was the problem that this “temporary” addition was supposed to fix, but it completely did the opposite.

Instead of decreasing the population, it made it worse because families are deliberately having kids because they don’t know if they will ever be able to.

According to my sources, I am not the only one that feels this way about their culture and outlandish policies.

The United states as a whole have publicly expressed their disapproval with the whole one child policy thing, and it has caused tension between us and them.

So, instead of controlling the population, the kids were being torn from their families and bounced around the country, not helping the population issue in any measure.

Essay About Foreign Culture

To put all of this into perspective, the “Plight of the Little Emperors” passage from our book gives real life examples of the affects that this cultural evil has on people on a personal level.They don’t see anything wrong with it, because its how that culture is ran.Another thing that just shocks me is that there are other countries that have been smart enough to handle situations like this by making birth control mandatory instead of abortion, but china just focuses on abortion.Data has revealed that governments have done over 403 million birth control procedures, including the mandatory insertion of millions of intri-uterine devices, which is considered a regular birth control procedure in the west (parks).China has blamed a lack of education on the high number of abortions, but to me that is not an excuse.In China, since parents only get one shot at having a successful child, they go to great lengths to ensure that their kids are successful.They pick their children’s career, and actually go to school with them to school to ensure that they do well.There are so many third world countries that are much less educated than China, and they are still able to control the birth rate without having to perform so many abortions.They also blame their population of 1.3 billion on high abortion rates. Like I said before, China may be overpopulated by a lot, but that can simply be solved by being proactive and maybe forcing families to give their babies up for adoption in other countries to even out the population and still save lives.Most parents in China prefer males, creating and imbalance of 34 million more man than women in china (parks). Instead of fixing the populations, it’s making it worse, and now it creates this huge imbalance, which makes it even harder for women to survive in China.It’s just simply sad, but like I said once before, it’s just a way of life and a culture that some people, including me, will never understand.


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