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Colonna, a pseudonym for Klonne, was born May 11, 1862 near Cologne, Germany, to Karl Edouard Klonne, his father and his second wife, the former family servant Henriette Quack.Edward was the first of three children to his father's second family.

The high point of his career in Dayton was the publication of two small books containing some of his early designs.

The first book was titled, Essay on Broom Corn and the second was Materiae Signa, Alchemistic Signs of Various Materials in Common Usage.

The railroad expansion era was starting to fade by the late 1890s and Colonna's commission work with the Canadian Pacific was at an end. Bing and his celebrated Parisian store, Maison de l'Art Nouveau.

Bing had earlier established himself as a scholar, connoisseur, and merchant of refined art to the world aristocratic class.

However, his stay in New York was brief as he continued on to Montreal, Canada, where he established his own office.

One of his major clients was the Canadian Pacific Railway.

The artist's international reputation was firmly established and his employment with Bing insured.

However, prizes and endorsements do not always make a successful artisan or business.

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