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Endangered This threatened reptile lives in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the Black Sea and Atlantic Ocean.In the past its main dangers were hunting for its shell and meat.

Endangered This threatened reptile lives in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the Black Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

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Poachers kill rhinos, then saw off their horns for sale to countries like China and Vietnam.

There are less than 5,000 of them left alive in Africa.

One reason for their decline is the destruction of suitable roosting sites, such as old buildings and hollow trees.

Changing land use from woodland and small fields to large scale agriculture has also had an effect.

Now it is being disturbed by tourists populating the sandy beaches where it lays its eggs.

In Turkey, hotels have been built right on its breeding sites.However, the use of pesticides on the marshes and grasslands where it lives is reducing the numbers.Part of the ibis' decline is due to natural causes.They have also suffered from the use of insecticides (poisonous chemicals sprayed on to crops to kill harmful insects) which have deprived the bats of their insect food.Due to conservation efforts its population in the UK has slightly increased in recent years to about 6,600.Out at sea, the turtles sometimes become entangled in fishing nets and drown.A possible new threat to them may be the increase in sand temperatures which determines the sex of the turtle.It is now found in the Khabarovsk and Primorski provinces of Russia and in small areas of northern China and possibly North Korea.Population: It is highly endangered although its numbers have increased from since hunting brought it to an all time low of around 40 individuals in the 1940s.Poachers have also captured baby macaques, often killing their parents in the process, for illegal export to collectors.IUCN Status: Least concern Population trend: decreasing.


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