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Incorrect Verb Form: When the verb is incorrectly formed (this is commonly an issue when combining the verb with another verb) Incorrect: He was eat pizza at the party. “Eat” is in the simple present verb form, which is only used when describing an action that happens habitually (always happens).The revised version needs the past progressive, “eating,” which expresses events or situations that were in progress at a particular time in the past.ESL editing, as any other type of editing, includes the various standard writing techniques such as: After the work of our editor, the flow of your text becomes smoother and more 'purified'.

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This way you can suggest changes instead of fixing the mistakes.Helpful Note: a helping verb like “was” will never come before the simple present.Checking for Common Verb Issues: If you want to focus on verbs as you edit, highlight or underline all the verbs in your paper.Check all your verbs for: One More Suggestion: After you have followed these steps, you may ask a knowledgeable friend (or tutor in the Writing Center) to read over your paper to look for problem areas.Note: You may find it helpful to use the Longman Dictionary of American English during the self-editing process.You may ask, can our company offer the same 'smooth and authentic" quality to you?And the answer will be clear: yes, we can do it for you, because we take care of your requests, your reputation and quality of your works.ESL means English is/as a second language, and it can mainly involve the customers for whom English is not a native language.Evidently, the task of our agency in this case is to provide the most appropriate and professional editing of the text and secure its textual quality in accordance to all basics and principles of English speech.It means that the quality of our works absolutely corresponds to the expenses you are investing.We take care of our reputation and business image, but, first of all, we emphasize your security and moral satisfaction.


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