Effectiveness Of The New Deal Essay

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It can be argued that the New Deal was ineffective due to the inability to end the Great Depression with its short-term solutions and created more problems, however; it was successful in regards to providing direct relief for the needy, economic recovery and some structural reform for the majority of the general public in the severity of the Great Depression.

In terms of relief, the New Deal provided The New Deal The United States encountered many ordeals during the Great Depression (1929-1939).

His critics charged that he abused his power and set the trend for an imperial Presidency that would ultimately endanger the office in future decades.

The New Deal itself created millions of jobs and sponsored public works projects that reached most every county in the nation.

It would be easy to run off questions such as these with an economic bent and come up with the answer no.

“Too little, too late” was a frequent label pinned to the presidency of Hoover.Whether the New Deal was a success or not, depends on the definition of success. However, an analysis of whether the New Deal was a success or failure requires a larger scope of questioning than simply looking at economic statistics.Did the New Deal eliminate unemployment and turn America around? From the collapse of Wall Street in October 1929 to the presidential election in November 1932, to many Americans it appeared as if Hoover, the Republican president, was either doing nothing or too little.Federal protection of bank deposits ended the dangerous trend of bank runs.Abuse of the stock market was more clearly defined and monitored to prevent collapses in the future.However, America was at itseconomic peak then and after such an economic catastrophe as the Wall Street Crash, it would have bordered on the impossibility for Roosevelt to have got back to the 1928 figure.If the 1933 figure is taken as a baseline figure – the year Roosevelt took office as president – then a different pattern emerges.For GDP – this is usually taken as key pointer in a nation’s economic health – 1933 to 1939 witnessed a 60% increase; the amount of consumer products bought increased by 40% while private investment in industry increased by 5 times in just six years.Those who criticise the New Deal claim that it never actually got rid of unemployment in America and that Roosevelt’s New Deal only had short term impact which lulled the unemployed into thinking that all their troubles were at an end.FDR's confidence was contagious as millions turned to him for guidance during their darkest hours.His mastery of the radio paved the way for the media-driven 20th-century Presidency.


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