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For example, CEOs who excel in turning round ailing companies may perform less well when things are more stable.As insights into the nature of leadership and the effectiveness of leaders have developed, it’s clear that individual traits or behaviours alone cannot fully explain leadership effectiveness.

Administering a strategy is central to this view of management.

Later studies of management, which looked at the behaviours of those in managerial roles, distinguished between ‘managing tasks’ and ‘managing people’, and acknowledged that influencing people to achieve objectives (leadership) was part of a manager’s role.

This is why it’s important to adapt the approach to developing leaders to fit the current needs of an organisation, as well as invest in environments that enable leaders to be effective.

This factsheet investigates the concept of leadership and how it differs from management, explores the various factors that can influence leadership development, and briefly examines how a principles-based approach to practice can support the development of leadership skills in HR.

The following three aspects of the nature of leadership have important implications for organisations.

Originally, studies of leadership focused on the traits or behaviours of individuals occupying senior positions in organisations, and, as a result, leadership is often seen as an individual competence or a role.

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Leadership is a term used in a variety of ways, although it can be defined the capacity to influence people to achieve a common goal.

Secondly, they need to ensure that leaders at all levels in an organisation receive adequate training to deliver on their objectives.

Finally, through organisational design and development, they should align organisational systems and structures to support managers and employees in deploying their leadership capability.


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