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Cf P: edited collection on “Familial Influences on Superheroes”. 10/05/2019 Call for chapters: “American Television in the Trump Era” Deadline: June 30, 2019.

31/05/2019 Call for chapters: Grimm – Sociocultural and Philosophical Essays. 31/05/2019 Call for chapters: “Anti-heroines of Contemporary Literary Media, Television, and Cinema”. 31/05/2019 Call for essays: “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” Deadline: Oct 1, 2019.

Literary theory, philosophy, and linguistics rub up against memory, dreamscapes, and fancy, making the practice of writing a metaphor for the illusory nature of experience.

, Ada Calhoun presents an unflinching but also loving portrait of her own marriage, opening a long-overdue conversation about the institution as it truly is: not the happy ending of a love story or a relic doomed by high divorce rates, but the beginning of a challenging new chapter of which ‘the first twenty years are the hardest.'”“ is the author’s manifesto on the entangling of life, literature, and politics, and how the lessons learned from a life spent reading and writing fiction have changed him.

Deadline: Aug 15, 2019 12/04/2019 Cf P: edited collection “Television Series as Literature: From the Ordinary to the Unthinkable”. 01/02/2019 Cf P: edited volume “Visual Pedagogies: Concepts, Cases & Models”. 14/12/2018 Cf P: anthology “Very Special Episodes: Event Television and Social Change”. 30/11/2018 Cf P: edited collection “Familial Influences on Superheroes”.

Deadline: April 30, 2019 30/11/2018 Call for chapters for edited volume “Transmedia Storytelling in Asia and Pacific Region”. 16/11/2018 Cf P: edited collection on “Trauma, Memory, and Disability in the Whedonverse”. 02/11/2018 Cf P: edited volume “#Resist: Protest and Resistance Media in Brexit Britain and Trump-era USA”. 21/10/2018 Call for chapters: Moments in Television: Complexity/Simplicity ; Epic/Everyday ; Sound/Image ; Substance/Style. 12/10/2018 Cf P: Edited collection on Gender in Early Twenty-First Century Television. 12/10/2018 Call for abstracts: edited collection “Food and Cooking on Early European Television”. 27/09/2018 Call for chapters “This Country: UK comedy cultures”. 27/07/2018 Call for chapters: “Short Circuit: Brevity and the short form in serial television”. 24/07/2018 Call for chapters: “Superheroes and Disability: Unmasking Ableism in the Media”. 13/07/2018 Call for chapters: Quieting the Madness: Entertainment Media’s Shift into More Accurate Depictions of Mental Illness. 13/07/2018 Cf P: Edited Collection “Diagnosing History: Medicine in Television Costume Dramas”. 29/06/2018 Call for chapters: “Children, Youth, and International Television”. 15/06/2018 Call for chapters: Indiana Jones and the Edited Collection of Critical Essays.

I feel like essay collections don’t get enough credit. Ranging in topics from food, nature, politics, sex, celebrity, and more, there is something here for everyone!

To prove that there are a zillion amazing essay collections out there, I compiled 50 great contemporary essay collections, just from the last 18 months alone.

And as her subjects become more serious, her essays deliver not just laughs but lasting emotional heft and insight.

Crosley has taken up the gauntlets thrown by her predecessors—Dorothy Parker, Nora Ephron, David Sedaris—and crafted something rare, affecting, and true.”“Part cultural meander, part memoir, Flâneuse takes us on a distinctly cosmopolitan jaunt that begins in New York, where Elkin grew up, and transports us to Paris via Venice, Tokyo, and London, all cities in which she’s lived.


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