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In other words, high schoolers are more inclined to do things if their friends are also doing it.This isn’t meant to put a bad reputation on doing things with friends.

” Because of that, I expected to have a blast when I entered freshman year.

However, I didn’t realize high school was the best four years of their lives because they made it the best years of their lives.

Unfortunately, I also know many who have fallen victim to the negative side of peer pressure – herd mentality – whatever you want to call it.

I’ve seen grades drop, relationships tear apart – all in the span of a couple of months.

I definitely haven’t been having the best time of my life these past four years.

But I also know people who are in every extracurricular in existence, who are also taking amazing and interactive classes – they seem to be really enjoying their high school experience.It is absolutely imperative, then, that we exercise extreme caution with the people we allow to enter our lives.I’m proud to say the friend group I’ve been with throughout my high school experience has been one that has taught me great skills, encouraged me to learn from my mistakes, and been perceptive to my flaws. Before you get caught up in the whirlwind of excitement and nervousness surrounding the big day, it’s good to take some time and reflect on the past four years of your life. A good reflection of high school ought to do you good. After 13 years of earsplitting alarm clocks, uncomfortable desks and chairs, repulsive cafeteria lunches, looming finals and exams, missing mechanical pencils and invigorating group projects – it’s time for graduation.This can either end in one of two ways – you pass out from pure exhaustion and wake up to the sun’s morning rays gleaming beams of disappointment on your face, or you manage to cram everything into your mind before passing out, only to wake up and realize you’ve forgotten pretty much everything except some useless fact that won’t even help you on the extra credit question. What I’ve learned is that yes, it’s okay to procrastinate every now and then – okay, pretty much all the time. First and foremost, if you’re going to procrastinate, you better be doing something worthwhile.If not, then you probably deserve the consequences!You need to gradually ease yourself into a hustling mode.This could be leaving your homework on top of your phone, so when you reach over for it in the morning, you’ll get a handful of science homework rather than your Snapchat notifications.But if you’re like me and also want to have a good academic standing, then unfortunately, those enjoyable activities may have to be put aside.That’s why finding a balance is an important skill to master.


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