Do The Write Thing Essay 2009

The movie is focused on the livelihoods of the African-Americans as observed from the black man’s perspective.

It is due to these issues that normal street scenarios- including the trio of the little bums who spent most of their time hurling pointless mockery, “Mother Sister” on the door steps leading to her apartment in Brooklyn with a young woman doing her hair, little kids enjoying their time on the streets, young men congregated with their peers taking beer on the pavements, a hawker trading his sweet flavored ice cream, a stereo placed on the roof of a car and played on full blast as some Puerto Rican adolescents danced rhythmically to the blasting beat of the stereo, and many others- are brought forth in the film which demonstrates the local environment of Brooklyn, now more popularly referred to as the ‘Black Territory’.

The radio deejay as represented by Samuel Jackson is one of the most significant characters in the movie.

He gives some relevant information and an accurate narration to match the movie’s setting especially during the flaring of temperatures at the start of the movie, plus an advice towards the end for his audience to ‘chill’ since the blaze of heat is not about to fade out.

Do the Right Thing Essay The daunting issue of racial discrimination or xenophobia is well articulated in the film ‘Do The Right Thing’.

The movie builds on the foundation laid by other preceding movies such as ‘Crash’, ‘The Power of One’, ‘Catch a Fire’ and many others.

Its setting is designed to depict a day in a Brooklyn locality when the temperatures soar to scorching levels.

One of the movie stars is Mookie, a black American pizza delivery man.

Moreover, it has been applauded as a precise depiction of the livelihoods of the Americans in the black society (Dawsey, 1989).

Interestingly, it has been revealed to be the first movie that former US President Barrack Obama and his wife Michelle ever saw together (Criterion Contraption, 2010).


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