Different Types Of Sources For A Research Paper

Similarly, statistics prepared by a pharmaceutical company on the production of a particular drug will prove useful to a host of people and organizations, including those marketing the drug.

For secondary sources, often the best are those that have been published most recently [4b].

A diary would be a primary source because it is written directly by the individual writing in the diary [7].

Interviews are primary sources because the individual talks about the topic directly from what he/she knows about it.

annual reports, treaties, constitutions, government documents) A newspaper article reporting the bomb blast in Abuja, Nigeria, during the celebration of the country’s 50th Independent Anniversary.

Note: The types of information that can be considered a primary source may vary depending on the subject discipline, and how the material is being used.Most often how a source is used determines whether it is a primary or secondary source [9].For the purposes of a historical research project, secondary sources are generally scholarly books and articles.Other examples are: Print - Diaries - Letters - Speeches - Patents - Photographs - Newspaper articles - Journal articles - Theses and dissertations - Survey Research (e.g., market surveys, public opinion polls) - Proceedings of Meetings, conferences and symposia - Original Documents (i.e.birth certificates, wills, marriage licenses, trial transcripts) - Records of organizations, government agencies (e.g.The choice of the source to consulted is usually determined by the type of information sought.The three types of information sources are: Primary sources are original materials on which other research studies are based.Information can come from virtually anywhere: personal experiences, books, articles, expert opinions, encyclopedias, the Web.The type of information needed will change depending on its application.They are usually evidence or accounts of the events, practices, or conditions being researched [4a, 6] and created by a person who directly experienced that event [7].Primary sources are the first formal appearance of results in print or electronic formats [3].


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