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The concept of selecting a given trait for a child originated from a technology known as preimplantation genetic diagnosis or PGD.Preimplantation genetic diagnosis remains as a...... The scientific origin of designer babies: Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is a scientific procedure that allows the screening of an embryo to determine desirable and non-desirable traits.Parents should be allowed to modify their unborn child’s genes only for health reasons, and not cosmetic reasons.

There is also the likelihood of parents being carried away in correcting perfectly healthy babies.

This is possible since parents will always look for any opportunity to eliminate embryos since they have a gene for a particular disease and a dangerous trend will start ...?

Designer babies should not be legalized In the recent years, over the news media, newspapers, scientific journals, internet and research papers, many became astonished on hearing the term ‘designer babies.’ Designer babies becomes majorly based on the concept of one selecting traits that one wishes for his or her child to have.

Literally, it implies selection of certain features that a parent wishes his or her child to have before preconception (Satoshi 90).

It depicts the conformity humans tend to follow out of the fear. An individual needs to progress in his/her own life that means that he/she needs to constantly improve him/herself in order to become better, wiser, more professional, etc.

This is why an individual needs to develop him/herself. Martha Stewart Living is a creation of Martha Stewart, a successful woman and business woman, who tried to do her best to succeed in both roles.Such cases have shown that the baby will be born healthy and will assist the older baby stay well by being a donor (Bliss, 04).Where do we stop with enhancing and engineering unborn children?The Eternal Veteran sees life through a barrel of a gun.His military service is his main source of pride, but when he considered all the wars and operations he missed since his discharge he becomes a bit bitter, blaming…In instances like the spare part babies, it is unethical since doctors and parents are creating babies who act as an organ-donating factory and this should be discouraged at all cost.It is paramount to note that the fundamental issue of giving birth should be left to Mother Nature and when the spare part baby eventually grows up, they will be depressed once they discover that they born with the sole purpose of being an organ or blood donor.This is because it is proven scientifically that the baby will have a genetic disease and the baby will die when they are still young or in some instances the baby might even die before they are born.Parents always wish for the best when it comes to their baby and thus, they should be allowed to modify their unborn babies but only for health reasons.Guy Standing has made a deep research on the new fast growing class – the precariat, revealing the reasons of its formation, describing its objectives and line of development.The name of the book says that precariat is dangerous. People say we only stand a single chance to make a first impression and that it takes approximately seven seconds to do so.


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