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Here, we are presented with two seemingly contradictory but coexistent experiences of schooling: on the one hand, we observe disciplinary framework in which the students construct their identity, such as, by agreeing to principles of obedience, equality, and frugality.

Here, we are presented with two seemingly contradictory but coexistent experiences of schooling: on the one hand, we observe disciplinary framework in which the students construct their identity, such as, by agreeing to principles of obedience, equality, and frugality.

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Ethnographies of Schooling in Contemporary India focuses on student culture in the process of citizen shaping and is the outcome of a research project carried out under the guidance of Meenakshi Thapan at the University of Delhi’s Department of Sociology.

An important focus of this book is an emphasis on the perspectives of the students.

Thus, stereotyped notions of the ideal Hindu and the seductive “Westerner”, as respectively promoted and rejected by the principal of the Hindu school, mingle into hybrid student perceptions.

Bhandari, Gogoi and Dore’s contributions demonstrate how gender, caste and class hierarchies experienced in schools are also internalized in peer groups.

However, the latter rather perceive these songs to be geared towards “the benefit of the officers from the Directorate, who may visit the school, ‘to keep them happy’.” (p. This vivid example perfectly illustrates the purpose of Ethnographies of Schooling in Contemporary India, which provides rich ethnographic evidence of the dynamics between the school authority, pupils, the ‘outside world’ and identities of religion and class.

Its primary emphasis is to reveal the many ways in which citizenship ideals are constructed, imparted, and resisted in the pedagogic framework of schools in India.It not only focuses on official rules and interviews with academic staff but lays emphasis in collecting data from observing classroom discussions and carrying out conversations with students outside of the classroom.It is by adopting this methodological approach that this book is able to provide a holistic picture uncovering the negotiation processes of the students and the academic staff.The book’s eight contributions address how students experience their schooling, and how they construct the imposed disciplining rules and hierarchies prevailing within their schools.Intense fieldwork enabled the authors to examine student culture by observing daily schooling processes, while informal discussions gave them access into the pupils’ mindsets regarding the construction of their school worlds.This demonstrates how identities of being urban or rural, frugal and consumerist, are intermingled despite the schools’ proclaimed ideals.Correspondingly, in a Muslim girls’ school in Ahmedabad, religious and regional identities are expressed, while multiple identities such as “modern, global, Muslim, Gujarati, Urdu-speaking” are negotiated internally (p. These examples convey contrasts of publicly pronounced and hidden values and identities within schooling environment.What are the various messages conveyed by principals, teachers, and educational officials through the institutional setup of Indian schools?How are these values, principles and rules perceived, modified and subverted by students?Every morning, the students of the Government Boys Senior Secondary School in North Delhi stand still for the morning assembly to sing the national anthem or other patriotic and religious songs.This ritual is meant inculcate national identity and deference to the students.


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