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ng Meeting, Lilienfeld was asked if he thought rationality could be taught.

ng Meeting, Lilienfeld was asked if he thought rationality could be taught.He responded that rationality and critical thinking are not natural to the human species and to some degree it can be taught, but added that they are very domain specific and may not generalise to other areas; a person can be completely rational in one area and very irrational in others.

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Leading researchers review widely used therapies for alcoholism, infantile autism, ADHD, and posttraumatic stress disorder; herbal remedies for depression and anxiety; suggestive techniques for memory recovery; and self-help models. This book offers a provocative critique of one of the most widely applied and influential – and still intensely controversial – psychological tests in the world today.

Other topics covered include issues surrounding psychological expert testimony, the uses of projective assessment techniques, and unanswered questions about dissociative identity disorder. Surveying more than fifty years of clinical and scholarly research, the authors provide compelling scientific evidence that the Rorschach has relatively little value for diagnosing mental illness, assessing personality, predicting behavior, or uncovering sexual abuse or other trauma.

He has been a member of numerous journal editorial boards, including the magazines.

Dr Lilienfeld has published over 200 articles, book chapters, and books on personality disorders (particularly psychopathic personality), personality assessment, anxiety disorders, psychiatric classification and diagnosis, pseudoscience in psychology, and evidence-based practices in clinical psychology.

and misconceptions in autism research, such as the MMR vaccine controversy, noting that "multiple controlled studies conducted on huge international scales have debunked any statistical association between the MMR vaccine and autism", and fad treatments such as facilitated communication.

During a James Randi Educational Foundation panel at the 2014 Amaz!

He said "I see science in many ways as a set of safeguards against confirmation bias", and that, while the structure of general science and the scientific community work to reduce confirmation bias, individual scientists are not generally as susceptible to confirmation bias as other people are.

Therefore, he said, "It's up to the scientific community ...

The book includes over 200 additional psychological myths for readers to explore, followed by a postscript of remarkable psychological findings that sound like myths but that are true. This book reviews the state of the science on a broad range of psychological issues commonly encountered in the forensic context. The authors focus on motivating students to use scientific thinking skills to better understand the complex world of psychology., editor, with John Ruscio & Steven Jay Lynn (Prometheus, 2008).

(Translations available in Spanish, Romanian, German, Dutch, Polish, and Czech.), ed., with Jennifer L. Its goal is to help professionals and students differentiate between supported and unsupported psychological techniques — and steer clear of those that may be misleading or legally inadmissible. A dizzying array of popular psychology books, articles, and promotion campaigns tout alleged remedies for psychological problems.


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