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Inspired by this, a Dutch photographer Herlinde Koebl clicked several pictures of people in two ways- their "work clothing" and their "casual clothing".Here we can easily see how a uniform can bring a dramatic change in viewer's eye for the knowledge and power they possess.Full details can be found on individual Academic staff pages.

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Authority- The term that enables most of people obey without asking any question.

When we see a person who seems to hold an authority or a powerful designation (like wearing a uniform) or a particular getup for instance a woman holding a baby and we may never ever think to question that woman may not in fact be a mother to that baby. Galinsky (Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois, 2006) they concluded that clothes can have an immense psychological effect of the viewer as well as the wearer?

Ann holds the UNESCO Chair in Education Law in Africa at the University of Pretoria and is a member of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

The 2019 Sir Robert Peel Medal will be awarded by Cambridge University’s Police Executive Programme to Merete Konnerup of the University College of Copenhagen.

Such a study should give an insight to understand human behaviour and the factors that trigger their responses in varying situations.

It will also help us understand to what extent a human can feel authoritative or feel the pressure of completing a task when given by a superior authority.Participants- Random students of Langara College will be used as participants.There will be no consents given to them as they will be observed on their instant reactions.The supervisor must be present however if one committee member is unable to attend for exceptional reasons (i.e.sick leave) it is that member’s responsibility to designate a delegate who is member of the Department of Criminology and a member of the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.Please note that students must be registered to CRM9997 at the time of their thesis proposal defence. In truly exceptional cases there is the possibility for a new deadline to be established by the student, supervisor, and the thesis committee in collaboration with the Ph. Students have one additional opportunity to defend their proposal provided they deposit their approved paper appended to the signed “Thesis Proposal Acceptance Form” into their file prior to January 30 to the defence The defence affords the student’s committee the opportunity to confirm that the proposed project is solid and viable, has no intrinsic contradictions or potentially fatal errors, is theoretically solid, is methodologically sound and will represent a contribution to the field of study.There is no external evaluator for the thesis project defence – the jury is comprised of the supervisor(s) and the committee members It is imperative that all members of the jury actively participate in the defence (one member may participate through teleconference or other electronic method).Each of the team members will act like an instructor teaching at Langara and a student studying at Langara.They will randomly choose any student from the crowd and ask them to handover a note to a student.The thesis proposal provides the opportunity for the student to clearly articulate and justify their research project.The thesis proposal is to be defended in the student’s seventh semester in the program, after having successfully completed the comprehensive examination and, under usual circumstances, prior to applying for ethics approval. Students requesting this exception must, in collaboration with their supervisor, complete the Doctoral Proposal Defence: Request for Deferral (pdf) semester) will not be able to defend their proposal and will be considered to have failed their defense for the first time.


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