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Keep a notebook and pen or recording device next to the bed, in the kitchen, on your desk. Be prepared to capture those ideas when they occur, rather than straining to recreate them later.

Keep a notebook and pen or recording device next to the bed, in the kitchen, on your desk.

the end result, the feeling of accomplishment and creative fulfillment. Use Evernote on your computer, tablet, and/or smart phone.

But the hardest thing for most writers is the simple act of getting started. This free app collects information from everywhere and compiles neatly into one place for later retrieval by keyword search.

Start with the job you have that requires you to write in the first place.

Expressing gratitude produces a positive energy flow.

The first and only rule is that there are no bad ideas.

Have a specific topic, whether it’s how to save money on office supplies or how to save a client that’s about to jump ship.As you start to feel happiness in your heart for blessings large and small, you will instantly relax.When you feel good inside, you are open to creative energy.Just write, stream-of-consciousness style, anything that comes into your head. Before long, you will have emptied your brain of the clutter and some ideas that make sense will come to the surface. Later you can go back and number them in an order that makes sense.Now you have an outline — you’re organized and ready to write. Not writing when you think you should be writing creates stress which effectively shuts off the flow of creativity. Watch the hummingbirds in your garden, feel the breeze on your face.Collaboration can happen either in person or in a virtual environment, using one of the many electronic tools available for online meetings, yet another time and money saver to add to your arsenal.In order to succeed, people must have the freedom to fail. Ideas can come out of nowhere, often at the most inopportune times (see shower, above). Got to write Creativity and innovation cannot be planned.Write everything down on a white board (or the wall! When people feel free to share their ideas, you’ll be surprised what comes out. People will play off one another and expand and improve each other’s ideas.Resist the idea that you don’t have time for such things.


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