Creative Writing Online Degree

A knowledgeable Admissions Representative will reach out to help you figure out where to begin.

Our BA (Hons) Creative Writing degree will empower you with effective practices, insights and skills, encouraging you to write more frequently and with more purpose than ever before.

OCA’s Level 3 (HE6) course units hold differing amounts of credits depending upon the given Open degree pathway, and therefore are varied in cost.

For individual pricing, please see the individual course unit pages on this website.

Maybe it’s a novel-in-progress, a poetry collection, a series of short stories or a script.

You’ll choose your tutor who prepares you for sending your writing out into the world.

In telling stories, we are able to explore the furthest reaches of experience – whether it’s our own, or someone else’s.

And in this way, stories also carry the power to shape the world.

All of the OCA’s Level 1 (HE4) course units are worth 40 credits each.

If you’re studying towards an Open degree, you’ll need three Level 1 (HE4) course units to gain the necessarry 120 credits to move on to Level 2 (HE5).


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