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We offer education settings who are working towards, or currently hold an Artsmark Award, with the following opportunities:- For Key Stage 1: one off after school creative writing work shops for key stage 2 for between £150 and £200 per workshop- For Key Stage 2: regular after school creative writing workshops for up to 22 children, for between £60 and £80 per term Our workshops have the following links to the English national curriculum: Pupils [through our workshops] understand the skills, processes that are essential for writing: that is thinking out loud to explore and collect their ideas, drafting, and re-reading to check their meaning is clear, including doing so as the writing develops.Our workshops have the following learning outcomes: We also tailor our learning outcomes to the needs of each specific school and the agreed topic area.It has been a breath of fresh air to bring in these forty students before school with a focus on creative writing.

The link below provides some examples of what we cover in our workshops - please click the green icon below to find out more Learn More We currently run our workshops from a selected number of schools and may be interested in working in partnership with your child’s school.

If you are interested in us operating from your child’s school, please contact us to discuss further.

From there, I got myself invited to a PTA meeting to see if they would throw me some funds to run the club. The second is no one has to read if they don’t want to. I also give away middle grade books I’m done reading. At our first meeting this year fifty students showed up!

Really all I wanted were notebooks, pencils and a few other little things here and there to help with the writing exercises. I ran out of everything – notebooks, pencils, seats, table space – but seeing these kids, scribbling away, giving voice to the stories in their heads, gave me hope for the future.

It took some work but I brought them down to a level I thought would work with 4 graders.

Next I had to get buy in from the school principal to run an after school club and use the library.

Through our creative writing workshops, we provide a high energy, fun and nurturing environment for children to explore their imagination and express themselves in written form.

Our workshop structure combine several years of experience as teachers, parents and authors to offer quality and stimulating workshops for your children.

The structure of the club split the students in half, based on their availability.

Each set of twenty students attends two days in a row (Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday) for one hour before school.


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