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Creating Problem Solving-53
With that said, this course won't tell you everything you need to know about creativity or creative thinking.But it will tell you some useful practical methods to solve problems.In this course, I’ll share with you my interpretation of practical creativity.

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you'll be able to leverage ideas, that would otherwise…be left untapped, and make connections that could have easily gone unnoticed …or may have been overlooked altogether.…We'll cover each of these techniques in greater detail. This stage is the final destiny .is the stage to find if your ideas will really succeed in the world or you need to modify it to get the best results.

Each stage and step of the PSTI method is explained in details with examples and stories so that you have the proof that this method works.

Therefore, when applying for jobs, highlight your ability not only to think creatively, but to use your creativity to solve an important issue.

You need creativity even more if you are a blogger, a freelancer or a startup or even an entrepreneur because creativity is the only unique power that will make you stand out in the noisy crowded business space.

S is for splitting and squeezing the problem like squeezing an orange to enjoy a cold glass of the juice.

Without splitting and squeezing the orange, how you expect to get the juice?

Then I began to read and study about problem-solving, and to my surprise I found my brain working differently than it used to be after implementing some useful techniques. (I’ll not bore you with all the theoretical theories, no worries)I’ve tried many creative thinking techniques to solve my problems …Some techniques just didn’t work or I thought it was so weird and unpractical to do …

I even get deeper in understanding the psychology and the behavior science of the creative problem solvers especially during my Ph. like taking a nap and before falling sleep think of the question you want to answer and you will dream of the solution and then write your dream and investigate the dream because the dream has the solution ….

A disclaimer here, The PSTI method works only when you have the flexibility and the openness to see all the possibilities without prior judgment to any technique.

Please, try and implement first then develop your own judgment.


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