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Temping is a great way to gain experience in the duties of an administrative assistant, while also getting your foot in the door at several companies.

And good temps often get full-time offers -- so be sure to make a good impression.

If you didn’t take typing in school, you’ll need to brush up your skills so that you can quickly respond to emails, edit documents, and take notes.

There are a number of free typing courses available online.

Alongside a slate of responsibilities that necessitates working with people across an office, administrative assistants are often the gatekeepers for the people they serve -- in some cases, anyone who wants to interact with the boss must first get through the assistant.

If you’re a proven multi-tasker thanks to another job or internship you’ve completed, call it out on your resume and in your cover letter.Write a compelling executive assistant cover letter to send with your resume and make the right impression.Stand out from the competition with a well written and informative cover letter that gets your resume read and gets you the job interview.Although not required in all administrative assistant roles, having a GED or high school diploma and some college work under your belt will move your resume higher in the pile.Completing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree goes a bit further than ticking a box -- it shows you stuck through something to completion, and signals you have at least a basic ability to manage projects, work in teams, and communicate.Put these classes on your resume, and you’ll signal that you’re serious about the daily tasks that are part and parcel with many administrative assistant positions.Land the job, and the courses will help you do your job well.Use the list of strengths to identify your own strengths.This executive assistant job description will help you understand the skills employers look for in an executive assistant.You’ll need to be able to write articulately and speak firmly and confidently.Your cover letter is a great place to showcase the former; the latter should come out in an interview.


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