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bars, nightclubs), joining a collective management organization (CMO) may be a good option.CMOs monitor uses of works on behalf of creators and publishers and are in charge of negotiating licenses and collecting remuneration.

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Once you are the right owner of a work, you can provide authorization for others to use or exploit your work.

Such authorizations are commonly referred to as “licenses” and may or may not entail paying the rights owner.

Most countries nonetheless have a system in place to allow for the voluntary registration of works.

Such voluntary registration systems can help solve disputes over ownership or creation, as well as facilitate financial transactions, sales, and the assignment and/or transfer of rights.

There is no searchable international registry of copyright-protected works.

This is because, as a general rule, copyright protection is automatic and does not depend on registration.

They are particularly common in the field of musical and literary works where there may be a large number of users of the same work and it would be difficult both for the owner of rights and the users to seek specific authorization for every single use and to monitor them.

Computer programs and other types of software are considered as literary works for copyright purposes.


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