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Once the fetus is viable, an abortion must be available if the woman’s health or life are at risk. Using common sense the answer to the question "why did Hernando do this ... His goal was to understand what drove people to join the skinhead organization and what effect this organization ... The reason why men and women look at these different characteristics is because the cultural belief ... Although religious leaders will have there thoughts on abortion in the end it is up to each woman as to whether it is the right choice for her. State governments are free to pass legislation that will allow or prohibit late-term abortions-those on a viable fetus-for other reasons.” The government is the final say when it comes to these issues as with many others. Homosexuality is another rising controversial issue. When the bible said that marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman was that meant to be taken literally? People just cannot seem to grasp the fact that these men and women who are homosexual did not chose to be this way just like the African-Americans did not chose from their skin to be a different color then everyone else..

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In the book, The Scarlet Letter, there was a woman named Hester who due to circumstances had been separated from her husband for years.

No matter what religion you are the bible in a very important piece of history in this society. Professor of law at the University of Colorado, Paul Campos said, “Whether or not abortion should be legal turns on the answer to the question of whether and at what point a fetus is a person.

Things like abortion and homosexuality are frowned upon because of the way the bible is interpreted. This is a question that cannot be answered logically or empirically.

People take all kinds of views of these very issues and a lot of the time the bible is a big influence on people’s final decisions on how they feel.

People believe things are wrong because the bible tells them that it is wrong. The only thing that can cause the United States to have at ... Some people feel that the fourth amendment excludes the protective rights ...

So many young females put themselves into situations where neither themselves, nor the father of their child are ready to be parents.

Being a good parent is not just about being able to financially support your children and provide them with food and clothes, you also need to raise them; teach them right from wrong and they cannot learn that if you yourself do not know the difference.

No one bothers to ask if they chose to be that way. Have you read, "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" by John ... Most women love a man who loves them and knows how to treat them ...

Some people think that being a homosexual is a crime.


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