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Here, I am going to list 15 disadvantages of technology in education.1) Immense expenditures – Gone are the days where students have to depend on paper and pen.

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Using applied science to achieve education in the proper way is a good thing but to transform it into an active set of skills is a matter of time.

Inquiry-based learning is the best way to teach the learners where they get an opportunity to research on different topics individually.

This is an advanced era of technology where machines like computers substituted the use of paper with its hi-tech features and to maintain them a huge sum of money is required by schools and colleges which can otherwise be spent to buy necessary resources.

In addition to it you have to spend thousands of dollars to update the out-dated softwares which are incompatible with present technology.

The computer was perhaps the one device that transformed classroom education in the 20th century.

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As the use computers continued to expand and continues to expand today, we continue to find new and exciting ways to deliver educational programming through a platform that both engages and excites students at all levels.When the bell rings, teaching and learning don't have to end.The Internet is a valuable source of information for students in the classroom, but it also becomes a virtual classroom when students and teachers meet online.ASCD, an organization that develops educational programs, describes a four-year study in Texas where researchers discovered that the technology skills of students engaged in a laptop immersion program improved significantly during the course of the study.The students in the study were also less prone to disciplinary actions.Opinions vary about the effectiveness of one-to-one laptop programs that give each student a laptop.While some school districts may see them as too expensive, others see benefits.Consider all that is now done with computers in typical educational environments: Computers have enabled a variety of educational delivery options, with the obvious benefit being to the student who does not or cannot function in a regular classroom environment.We usually think of technology as only those things related to computers.While students in some developing nations may lack basic supplies such as books, many students in America boot up high-tech computers to begin their school day.The evolution of technology in schools takes a winding road and covers devices such as slide rules, calculators and primitive desktop computers running command-line operating systems.


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