Compulsory Voting Essay

Fee applies only if the voter does not have valid reason for not voting. This can also happen in countries such as Australia where a fine sanction is common.

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Lastly, if democracy is government by the people, presumably this includes all people, then it is every citizen's responsibility to elect their representatives.

The leading argument against compulsory voting is that it is not consistent with the freedom associated with democracy.

What effect does this immeasurable category of random votes have on the legitimacy of the democratically elected government?

A figure depicting the exact number of countries that practice compulsory voting is quite arbitrary.

Voting is not an intrinsic obligation and the enforcement of the law would be an infringement of the citizens' freedom associated with democratic elections.

It may discourage the political education of the electorate because people forced to participate will react against the perceived source of oppression.The diverse forms compulsory voting has taken in different countries refocuses the perception of it away from an either present or absent practice of countries to a study of the degree and manner in which the government forces its citizens to participate.Laws, Sanctions & Enforcement Below is a table containing all the countries that have a law that provides for compulsory voting.It has been proved that forcing the population to vote results in an increased number of invalid and blank votes compared to countries that have no compulsory voting laws.Another consequence of mandatory voting is the possible high number of "random votes".The simple presence or absence of mandatory voting laws in a constitution is far too simplistic.It is more constructive to analyse compulsory voting as a spectrum ranging from a symbolic, but basically impotent, law to a government which systematic follow-up of each non-voting citizen and implement sanctions against them. Some laws are created to merely state the government's position regarding what the citizen's responsibility should be.Is a government really more legitimate if the high voter turnout is against the will of the voters?Many countries with limited financial capacity may not be able to justify the expenditures of maintaining and enforcing compulsory voting laws.Can a country be considered to practice compulsory voting if the mandatory voting laws are ignored and irrelevant to the voting habits of the electorate?Is a country practicing compulsory voting if there are no penalties for not voting?


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