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Instead, tell them to head out into the community to help others.At Whitby, we’ve found that students benefit greatly—both academically and emotionally—from volunteering their time to make the community and world a better place.Want your child to be more successful in the classroom and ultimately in life?

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By getting involved in community service at a young age, children also: Volunteering is an essential part of preparing students to "take responsibility as open minded, principled citizens in a global community." While performing community service, children have the opportunity to see first-hand just how much their work can have an impact on the world.

Many of our students at Whitby volunteer locally at food shelves, animal shelters, in retirement communities, and even at orphanages abroad.

Moreover, it should leave the reader with a few interesting thoughts/ideas to dwell upon.

Whether you were helping the homeless, or teaching 3rd graders to read and write, writing an essay on community service is always a good idea.

Students who begin earlier, however, have a distinct advantage because their breadth of experience allows them to quickly step up to leadership positions within organizations.

Starting community service before high school also has many other benefits for students.Through the sales of donated books, the children were able to donate money to help other children at Chester Addison Community Center in Stamford.Community service gives students an opportunity to explore academic interests through a real world lense.Those extra years of volunteering give students a leg up when applying for scholarships—especially scholarships that are designed to reward participation in community service.The relationships students build with other volunteers also work to their advantage when it comes time to ask for letters of recommendation for college applications and scholarships.That’s why all Whitby students start volunteering in fifth grade.Most importantly, students learn that the work they do can make a real impact in the world.Therefore, writing a community service essay is the best you can do when you are allowed to choose freely the topic.Writing community service essays requires that you answer yourself a few important questions before getting down to writing.As admission to elite colleges and universities has become more competitive, volunteer experience can prove an advantage in the college admissions process.For that reason, many students start doing community service projects as they advance through high school.


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