College Stress Essay

This is an important domain for further research and an effective channel of intervention for college mental health professionals.Study schedules, especially in colleges, are very demanding.They get used to it and it starts to feels familiar.

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You also may feel cranky or have trouble paying attention at school and remembering things.

Having a little stress can be good sometimes, but when you’re in college that is defiantly something you want to keep under control. “Stress at College Effects on Health Habits, Health Status and Self-Esteem.” College Student Journal.

Stress Among College Students Leaving home for the first time and going away for school can be very difficult for some people.

In many cases for college freshmen this is their first time being away from their home and parents.

Stress is present in all aspects of life and there are multiple causes of stress, especially, during the college period which may present itself through many symptoms, but with stress, there are also various coping methods to help students deal with it. Some students may experience changes in sleep and eating patterns, increased frequency of headaches, increased levels of frustration and anger, being more irritable than normal, recurring colds and minor illnesses, frequent muscle aches and tightness, being more disorganized than usual, greater sense of persistent time pressure and increased difficulty in getting things done.

Stressed college students may express multiple symptoms at once, which may render them incapable of completing assignments or even doing daily tasks.

Many times they get home sick and want to isolate themselves.

They have to get into a new routine of going to school, and change can be very difficult.

Sustained performance under overload: personality and individual differences in stress and coping.

College students today experience high levels of stress in many areas of life.


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