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The gospel makes no claim to have been written by an eyewitness and its traditional attribution to Mark, an assistant of the Apostle Peter, is doubtful.

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Three subsequently written gospels were also awarded canonization, each with a reasonably obvious theological agenda.

Scholars are nearly unanimous in their belief that the gospels of Matthew and Luke were mere reworks of Mark and that that of John is strongly influenced by it too.

It is worth noting the significance of this observation: nearly everything we know about Jesus is derived from a single story.

In fact the followers of Jesus are described 17 times by use of the word "multitude" in the Gospel of Mark alone (KJV), yet there is not a single reference to Jesus written by a historian during his lifetime and all remarks by historians in the centuries immediately following appear to be based merely on oral testimony from Christians at the time.

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Contrary to popular belief Christianity did not begin suddenly with the birth of Christ.

Rather it evolved as a result of the social and theological climate of its time.

Christianity owes much of its heritage to Hellenistic pagan religions, which distributed myths of virgin-born, died and resurrected savior gods.

Languages have played an important role in the development of religious identities in contemporary India.

As this article shows, Hindi Protestant Christian literature provides a unique insight into such processes.


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