Child Observation Assignment

Child Observation Assignment-82
If the care provider determines that the unaccompanied alien child requires medical attention, the care provider arranges for the unaccompanied alien child to be evaluated by a medical and/or mental health provider as soon as possible upon the unaccompanied alien child’s arrival at the facility.Where available, the care provider or any stakeholder may request the appointment of a Child Advocate for an unaccompanied alien child who is a victim of trafficking or is found to be especially vulnerable (See Section 2.3.4). guides the interviewer through a series of questions to obtain information about family members, any immediate medical or mental health concerns, current medications, and any concerns about personal safety that the child may have at that time.

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Prior to interviewing the UAC using the the care provider informs the youth that providing honest answers to all assessments is essential.

The care provider also informs the UAC that self-disclosure of previously unreported criminal history or violent behavior to any other children, care provider staff, ORR, or others, may result in the child’s transfer to another care provider facility and may affect their release.

The UAC Assessment is used by the care provider as the basis for an initial release plan for the unaccompanied alien child and is the initial form used to evaluate the child or youth for services.

An unaccompanied alien child may not be transferred to another ORR care provider or released from ORR custody to a sponsor until the care provider has completed the assessment.

Care providers lacking staff who speak an unaccompanied alien child’s native or preferred language must make every attempt to utilize a professional translation service for the unaccompanied alien child’s orientation.

In cases where no such service exists, or is unavailable, then care providers must consult with the ORR FFS, the Care Coordinator, and other relevant stakeholders to create and implement a strategy for communicating with the unaccompanied alien child as effectively as possible.Once the care provider has physical custody of the unaccompanied alien child, the care provider must complete the admissions and orientation process.Care provider staff must be trained in techniques for child-friendly and trauma-informed interviewing, assessment, observation and other techniques.Care provider facilities are State licensed and must meet ORR requirements to ensure a high level of quality care.The facilities, which operate under cooperative agreements and contracts, provide children with classroom education, health care, socialization/recreation, vocational training, mental health services, access to legal services, access to Child Advocates where applicable, and case management.The care provider continues to update the child or youth’s case file using another assessment tool (the UAC Case Review).This form is used to make sure that the case is continually updated (initially on the unaccompanied alien child’s 30th day in the care provider’s care and subsequently every 30 days or every 90 days in a long term foster care provider’s care).Care providers who operate secure or staff secure facilities must ensure that the unaccompanied alien children initially placed or transferred to their facility are provided a notice in a format and language accessible to the child as to why they were placed in the facility.If the care provider staff determines during the admissions and intake process that the unaccompanied alien child’s health or life is in imminent risk or their condition places the safety of others at imminent risk, the care provider must contact 9-1-1 for crisis response and transportation to the nearest emergency room.This information is entered into the child’s case management record in a timely fashion to identify any changes that impact a release care plan or individual service plan.Care providers create long term plans to address the individual needs of each unaccompanied alien child following release from ORR.


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