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Although many teachers unions are against charter schools claiming that these schools are widening gaps in American society on racial and economic grounds, there benefits offered by these schools due to their innovative approach which thrives due to autonomy, cannot be ignored.

In the charter schools, the management of the school is free to devise its own set of regulations that best fit the educational model and the requirements of the given community and locality where the school is located.

Furthermore, charter schools mainly have some niche which gives them specialization such music or scientific studies.

Where public schools are funded by the government and state authorities, private institutions enjoy autonomy and freedom to exercise innovative practices.

On the other hand, charter schools are educational institutions funded by state and other educational bodies.

These charter schools provide education which is tailored as per community's background, therefore the students do not feel any unnecessary need to struggle for adjustments.

Furthermore, many charter schools develop certain specialties or niches.

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Public Schools A Critical Analysis Options for Families Diversity Opportunities for Innovation Competition Fiscal Inefficiency High Turnover of the Teachers Control & Accountability The given research paper is an attempt to evaluate the merits and demerits of charter schools and public schools in the pursuit of identifying the better schooling system.


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