Case Study Down Syndrome Student

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Associated impairments, such as mental retardation (Hayes & Batshaw, 1993; Henderson, Morris, & Ray, 1981), cardiovascular pathology (Freeman et al., 1998), and frequent middle ear infections, may also have a negative impact on motor skill acquisition and activities.

The impairments of body structure and function and limitations in activities and participation presented by Carrie led the health-care team to consider the physical therapy management options described in Preferred Practice Patterns 5B: Impaired Neuromotor Development and 4C: Impaired Muscle Performance as outlined in the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)'s Guide to physical therapist practice (APTA, 2001).

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Received date: February 19, 2019; Accepted date: March 26, 2019; Published date: April 05, 2019 Citation: Kabashi L, Kaczmarek L (2019) Educating a Child with Down Syndrome in an Inclusive Kindergarten Classroom. Vol.5 No.2:4 This case study describes the journey of a kindergartner with Down Syndrome in an inclusive classroom.

The established partnership between the teacher, the teaching assistant and parents have resulted in creating an individualized education program and developing specific supporting strategies which sustained the boy's communication and language skills.

Supporting strategies include application of adequate forms of work and development of learning and teaching strategies, based mostly on kinesthetic and graphic presentations which have been proved to be the most acceptable for the boy.

In addition to monitoring the student in class and analyzing the paperwork, parents were interviewed in order to understand student's language and communication skills development.

The research results have shown that the student's preparation for school and activities, which were conducted before the start of the school year, played an important role in stimulating child's communication skills and later a successful inclusion into the educational process.

However, they were determined to help Carrie in every way they could.

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