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Andrew: hooooo boyi just got off the phone with the american mathematical societywhat a rollercoaster this is turning out to bemy man mike with the AMS, whose job it is to explicitly answer questions like this one, says the answer is ...

Brad: 42Tyler Daswick, associate features editor: secretly the best answer here Andrew: SIXTEEN Andrew, minutes later: why is no one reacting appropriately to this news Brad: Because he's wrong. Andrew: he says (and i'll have to go back to the transcript) that using *traditional* order of operations, the answer is 16Matt Phillips, senior test editor: Andrew, my brother has a Ph D in theoretical physics and writes papers with titles like…

Every few months, the Internet eats itself over some kind of viral riddle or illusion, each more infuriating than the last.

And so, like clockwork, this maddening math problem has gone viral, following in the grand tradition of such traumatic events as The Dress and Yanny/Laurel.

So he suggests all mathematicians and physician try to make some certain rules for such type of equations.

He also added as such equation should be solved all ambiguous equation with the help of some specific rules.

Marianne Williamson warns about the ‘Dark Psychic Force’ of Trump drives the mathematicians and physicists went nuts about it.

On adding to that, she also mentioned as the physicists and mathematicians fully confused about the solution.

He graduated from the American School of Professional Psychology in 2011.

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