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“An example of this would be for a small business that's growing very rapidly to deploy interview training as a way to ensure its entire team is aligned and scaling.” #2 – Leadership In a smaller organization, there will likely not be a dedicated Learning and Development professional.Rather, the leader of the training effort will be someone within HR.

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But there is another issue facing employers: finding employees with the right skills.

More than 82% of middle-skill jobs need digital abilities and over 7 million job opportunities require some level of coding expertise.

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Some of the customers include Lyft, Pay Pal, Century21, Met Life, and Volkswagen.

I recently had a chance to reach out to Shelley Osborne, who is Udemy’s Head of Learning and Development.

But depending on the situation – and the importance of training – there may be someone else who will take the role. #3 – Executive and Founder Buy-In A successful training program needs the involvement of the executives.

“By demonstrating support of a learning mindset, stakeholders can give employees the confidence to fully embrace training and development,” said Shelley.


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