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Business Case Box 2A traditional industry analysis is less critical in a business case because the senior management and board of directors will be very knowledgeable about the industry in which the company operates.However, there would be no harm in highlighting some important industry-based data, especially as it applies to the proposed e-commerce venture.

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In the United States, the Fed Stats Web site provides access to statistical data from over 100 Federal agencies including (of interest to business plan writers) the International Trade Administration (e.g., U. Industry and Trade Outlook), the Small Business Administration, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Bureau of the Census (e.g., Statistical Abstract of the United States), and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Few, if any, countries do a better job at collecting and publishing industrial data than the United States.

However, similar agencies and publications exist in most developed countries (e.g., in Australia, the Australian Bureau of Statistics; in Germany, the Federal Statistical Office).

Don't expect to find perfect information in the time you have to complete this analysis. Sometimes what is available isn't very applicable to your business idea (e.g., projected U. online retail sales is only a start if, like Purma Top Gifts, you are selling to the world).

This section delivers its content in a straightforward and informative manner but with an upbeat and inspirational tone.

The purpose of the business description is to objectively explain and justify your business idea in a positive and enthusiastic manner.Alternatively, this is an opportunity to write a "company analysis" that has the same purpose as an industry analysis, but with the focus on the company.Again, the readers will be extremely well informed so everything has to be relatively new and extremely applicable to the proposed venture.This lesson gives you an overview of the business description section with links to additional lessons that assist you in writing your mission statement, goals, and objectives, as well as how to identify and describe your business model.The lesson outline is: What Is the Business Description? Previous lessons in this tutorial have provided background information and emphasized preparation to write the e-business plan.The business description section of your e-business plan represents the first substantial section you have to write.Also cite or footnote all major data sources so the reader will be able to judge how dependable the data are.For some businesses in some industries, an extensive industry analysis may be required.Business Concept Business Model: Products and Services What Is the Business Description?The business description describes the nature and purpose of the business.


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