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Example 5: Segmentation of medical laboratories in the context of “range of studies – the cost of research” (As of 2008).

This indicates that the gynecology clinics focus their activities around the laboratory diagnosis and offer treatment mainly sexually transmitted infections by both women and men.

After receiving information about the number and list of companies in the specialty, we analyze the pricing of medical institutions, the average cost of services, content packages and programs that offer other types of segmentation are related to the price of services.

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Example 6: The interaction of market participants pediatric services Considering the market pediatric services, should consider not only medical but also the “Semi-Medical” component of the market in child health.

The successful development of the company (eg, child clinics) should be the relationship between all market participants and the possibility of attracting a particular participant to create a competitive medical services.

This analysis enables us to understand how competitive is the environment for this activity, what other services are often provided, any medical institution “typical” for your locality.

We reveal the dynamics of new business for your expertise in a selected locality and region.

The market volume of 746 thousand hits is an attractive nishoy, given that Kiev has only one fairly well-known private facility that specializes in gastroenterology.

Table 1 Classes of diseases, which occupy 80% in the general morbidity from Kiev Example 2: The Lions have a high potential to open children’s clinic After analyzing this indicator, utilization of local doctors and private clinics that provide pediatric services, cultures and perspectives of the city, we came to the conclusion that, Lviv – Kyiv city second only to the attractiveness of the opening of children’s clinics.


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