Book Vs Film Essay

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Tris' family tells her that it is OK for her to do that, but Tris shoots herself to save her family at the end of the countdown.

Like the Aptitude Test, only Divergents are aware that they are in a simulation during the final test, so Tris must face her fears without revealing herself to be a Divergent.

Christina and Tris go for the flag together, teaming up against Peter and shooting him twice. Ezra, a film specific character and another Dauntless initiate, invites Tris to take a short cut back to the Dauntless compound after the capture the flag match, which is at night, using the ziplines to cut across the ruins of the city.

Molly guards the flag in a bell tower, where Tris manages to defeat her and take the flag, signaling the victory. While in her final fear landscape, one of Tris' obstacles consists of Jeanine telling her to kill her family and she counts down.

Molly is very aggressive and antagonistic towards Tris along with Peter.

She laughs along with Peter when he pulls away her towel.

He picks on Tris by spraying "Stiff" on her bedding, pulling off Tris' towel after she showers, and feeling her up when he kidnaps her with the other boys, in addition to verbal torments.

When he is ranked as #2 in stage one, he secures his place as #1 by stabbing Edward in the eye with a butter knife from the dining hall.

In Tris Prior's aptitude test, a female voice tells her that she had to choose between a knife or cheese. After she tackles the dog, she enters a bus, where a man asks her if she knows someone.

Eric acts kind to Christina at first, helping her up, tells everyone to take a break, and asks how she's feeling as he leads the group to the chasm.


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