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Delayed detection results in delayed prophylaxis and aggressive treatment measures.Because it is practically impossible to predict when or where a bioterrorist attack is going to happen, there are limitations to the “dropin” terrorism surveillance systems that have been used to monitor specific places or events such as the Super Bowl or Democratic National Convention.These ideas include multiple components of the individual sessions and have cross-cutting implications for an overall response to biological threats.

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Again, it must be emphasized that bioterrorism is a national security issue and bioterrorism preparedness efforts are a strategic defense.

It was suggested that we need a new peer review system for screening new bioterrorism defense research ideas.

For both environmental and clinical settings, we need rapid, standardized methods that allow for the detection of a broad spectrum of potential biological weapons in a quantitative fashion.

Rapid detection and diagnosis requires access to an extensive sequence database and high throughput laboratories.

Several scientific, scientific policy, and legal tools that were presented and discussed during the workshop but have not been addressed elsewhere in this report summary are included here.

These include innovative surveillance; detection and diagnostic tools and technology; scientific policy issues unique to bioterrorism response preparedness; and, bioterrorism-related legal needs and obstacles.Every 24 hours, 30,000 ambulatory diagnoses from these various installations are downloaded, automatically analyzed, prioritized based on expected values from historic data, and visualized using geographic information systems.However, none of the systems currently being developed are likely to be adequate in and of themselves.One vision is an international molecular forensics lab that would rely on a molecular fingerprint global database to identify the source of the bioterrorist agent.This capability could provide the biological equivalent of the threat of nuclear retaliation.Biotechnological barriers in the public health infrastructure must be identified so that the proper tools can be appropriately distributed or accessed.Academia, industry, and government laboratories must all be brought in at appropriate levels and in appropriate ways to help build new capabilities.Are there any legal obstacles that would interfere with a public health response to bioterrorism?The primary legal authority for bioterrorism preparedness and response is at the state level.Finally, computational modeling is an important but undervalued scientific component of bioterrorism defense preparedness.New computational capabilities can be used to model interactions between digital microbes (as opposed to actual, biological microbes) and digital immune systems.


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