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But it was through a series of recordings made between 19 that her international reputation was established.

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That simple, central fact has eluded a good many of those who have written about her. Not long before she died in 1959, raddled by heroin and alcohol and desperate for money, she agreed to tell her story to William Dufty, a friend who evidently believed double-checking any of her tales would be seen by her as an act of betrayal.

The lurid result, , proudly billed by its publisher as “the most shocking autobiography of our times,” portrayed her mostly as a helpless victim—of endemic racism and malevolent men, idiotic laws and an uncaring public.

Young named her "Lady Day" (or simply "Lady"), and that title became her jazz world name from the mid-1930s on.

She in turn labeled him "Pres" (the "President of Tenor Saxophonists").

That category includes artists whose music predates rock and roll, but who inspired and had a strong effect on rock and roll music.

She was an artist, fully conscious (except when one or another of her twin addictions temporarily befogged her mind) of the effect on her audience of every precisely enunciated syllable, every languid rhythm and shrewdly slurred phrase.Nevertheless, her singing was sustained by her highly individual style, the familiarity she projected, and her special way with the words of a song. Holiday made her final public appearance in a concert at the Phoenix Theatre in New York City on May 25, 1959. After one arrest, at her own request, she was placed in a federal rehabilitation (having to do with recovery from drug or alcohol abuse) center at Alderson, West Virginia, for a year and a day. Just ten days after being released she gave a concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Her best later work is to be found in The First Verve Sessions, recorded in 19. On March 6, 2000, Holiday was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the Early Influences category. It was here that she first heard Louis Armstrong (1900–1971) and Bessie Smith (1894–1937) records through the open windows.In 1928 Holiday moved to New York City with her mother, who began work as a housemaid, but the 1929 depression (time of low economic conditions with high rates of unemployment) soon left her mother without work.He never lived with the family, choosing his musical career over them.As a child Billie started working very young, running errands and cleaning a house of prostitution's (a place where sexual acts are traded for money) marble stoop.


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