Best Personal Statement For Internal Medicine Residency

Internal medicine residencies are highly popular, in the last Match year there were some 11,666 applications for just 7,233 places.

So gaining a place is going to be hard work when you make your application.

Your personal statement internal medicine residency has got to persuade the reader that you are an excellent choice for their program. This can be a very hard task when you consider all of the things that you would like to say to sell yourself to the committee.

Writing an attention-grabbing statement that will get you noticed does not have to be hard however if you follow our steps for writing: Applicants will often want to ensure that they work with the best-ranked programs, after all, they often lead to better placements later in your career.

The Internal Medicine Program Director from Massachusetts General Hospital was quoted in the report saying, “I’ve talked to multiple program directors from top programs in various specialties and we are all just blown away by the well-written, genuine, and compelling personal statements from applicants this year.” One medical student who received interviews at all 95 programs she applied to explained, “You know, I had spent weeks getting nowhere with my personal statement until I came across this perfect formula on the internet forums.” Other students reached for comment have said, “This approach to writing my personal statement really resonated with me” and “I feel like I totally found my voice with this formula.” Fortunately, through a source requesting to remain anonymous for fear of passive-aggressive retribution from gunners, we obtained a copy of this game changing and inspirational personal statement formula attached below.

Importance Of Literature Essay - Best Personal Statement For Internal Medicine Residency

Personal Statement Formula Your Name Here: (double check spelling) Introductory quote or heart-warming story that grabs the reader’s attention and makes them think, “Wow, what a deeply intellectual person this is” and “I was really bored reading personal statements but this one is somehow unique.” Follow-up sentence tying your otherwise obscure quote or sappy story into who you are and why you want to be a doctor followed by a short sentence to change up the sentence structure. Describe what kind of doctor you want to become and list three qualities that make you a good candidate, not two, not four, three is the perfect number.First paragraph introduction highlighting your first unique quality, something about being a generally good person.Follow up statement educating a seasoned physician on why being a good person is an essential quality for being a good physician.We know precisely how your personal statement for internal medicine residency needs to be written if you are to be selected.We offer support through staff that is highly qualified and very experienced with the application process for your internal medicine ERAS application.Sentence with big words to showcase your mastery of the English language and effective communication, leaving out how you Googled the words to make sure you spelled and used them correctly.Exaggerate your role in a trivial student government position.Anecdote of the one time you can remember when you actually connected with a patient.Deep philosophical reflection of what that anecdotal encounter made you realize about your specialty of choice.Leave out the part about how you only cleaned glass beakers and made stock reagents, generating no real data.Wrap up sentence confirming your commitment to your specialty of choice.


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