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I am always looking for that “diamond in the rough” and when I read one boring letter after another, I feel a sense of disappointment.Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to show the reader of your letter you have done your homework.A well-written cover letter might be the key for you to get that coveted record label internship, starting your career off right as you enter the music industry.

Hiring Managers like to engage with smart, well-informed young potential hires.

Do what it takes to be that engaging, smart, well-informed candidate.

There are many resources for these statistics online but you notice discrepancies so be sure to keep track of where you get your numbers from, in case you are asked.

A very good resource for the recording and touring industry are the directories and publications from Pollstar, which lists all record companies and their rosters, Talent Buyers, A&R Representatives, and management companies for Touring and Recording Artists.

Many students looking to break into the music business seek a music industry internship as they are completing their music degree.

An internship is seen as a great way to make the transition from student status to the world of work and many college music programs either include an internship experience as a graduation requirement or make it an option.Following is a list of the specific details you might want to know about any organization you are considering for an internship.You should be prepared to talk about any of the following things in an interview, although not every one will apply to every opportunity or organization.You will find very detailed information here (including contact info for decision makers) and in other industry publications.If you don’t want to buy the Pollstar guides (they tend to be expensive) you can ask your school career resources center or library to buy them for you.While you might refer to letters written by others to get ideas of the best approach, it’s always a terrible idea to copy a letter written by someone else.Your goal should be to develop your own style of writing that makes you and your qualifications shine.This means you need to be very clear on a number of important points. In any case, the cover letter is typically the very first thing a Recruiter or Manager will read upon receiving your application and can make or break your chances of landing the desired opportunity.I will lay out the sections of the letter for you in detail throughout the rest of this article.Consider arming yourself with the following information about a label or any organization you would apply to: Armed with your research on the company (or companies) you are interested in for your internship, you will be much better prepared to apply and interview for the position.Keep in mind an internship is no different than a job, besides the opportunity to earn course credit.


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