Bend It Like Beckham Cultural Conflict Essay

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Actually she didn't know there was a women's team nearby.

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Pinky helps her sister and Jess can go to Germany with her team.

But the parents also discover this and Jess can’t play anymore.

Jess goes to soccer matches against her family’s wishes.

However, as Jess gets more deeply involved in soccer matches her family learns about this and come to appreciate her efforts when her team wins a championship (Chadha, 2003).

But she thinks it’s impossible and the parents involve her very much in the preparations for the wedding so she can’t even creep away to go to the football training.

On the evening before Pinky’s wedding Joe visits the Bhamras to talk to Jess’ father.

He wants to tell him that there is a very important match where talent scouts from America want to see Jess playing.

After this short talk, the only thing Jess’ father tells her, is not to play with her future.

At first I will introduce the characters to get an overview about Jess and her environment.

is the protagonist, who lives with her parents and her older sister in a suburb near London.


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