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Again, I’d like to stress that these ratings do not necessarily mean that one dancer is better than another, and that the numbers are not the focus.Looking at Tata, Remind, and Thesis, it’s feasible for any one of them to win over the others in a battle; i.e.A video of each dancer is also included for context.

At the same time, there are general aspects of the dance that individual dancers can choose to focus on, whether those are types of moves or conceptual philosophies.

I attempted to create a full list of these aspects and failed miserably.

Each contains a multitude of sub-aspects that are positive traits in breaking.

Ratings range from 1–10 for each of the three categories, although the individual numbers aren’t as significant as the ratios between them. It’s meant to quickly introduce a b-boy/b-girl, and to compare their traits with those of others.

So, I did a full 180 and ended up with a system based on the fewest categories possible.

I proudly (sort of) present to you, the Mind-Body-Soul characterization system.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback.

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That’s an easy comparison, but the system would ideally work for more difficult ones too.

In the end, the Mind-Body-Soul system isn’t the only way to look at breaking, but you have to admit that the triangle charts are pretty cool.


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