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Every event, action, and character serves both dramatic and philosophical purposes. Rand’s emblematic characters have all irrelevancies and accidents removed.

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The story’s plot action is based on the integration of values and action and of mind and body.

Rand thereby shows actions supporting wide abstract principles.

It launched a philosophical movement that has been nothing less than revolutionary in its implications. It is a moral defense of capitalism, political parable, social commentary, science fiction tale, mystery story, love story, and more.

The further and deeper a person studies , the more he will be able to appreciate how these multiple approaches to plot enrich one another.

For Rand, as for Aristotle, these laws of thought are not merely how we must think in order to obtain knowledge; they also describe the fundamental character of reality.

These laws are thus ontological and pertain to the very nature of being.

She tied everything to for its “totalism”; that very coherence is, of course, one of the book’s greatest strengths.

The consonance between theme and plot, the congruity between character and action, create a symmetry and a unity of purpose and achievement that have rarely been duplicated. Rand had always seen the plot of a novel, its story, as a structured totality: ‘A STORY IS AN END IN ITSELF,’ she wrote to one correspondent.

By including only that which is essential, Rand illustrates the connections between metaphysical abstractions and their concrete expressions. The author carefully selected the details with no event, character, line or dialogue, or description included that does not further and reinforce the theme of the importance of reason. Rand was aware of the specific purpose of every chapter, paragraph, and sentence and could state a reason for every word and punctuation mark in the novel (Rand, 4).

This article is largely a “summary of the literature” type of essay that frequently relies on the views of people writing about .


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