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* PHP variable to Javascript variable or send Form variable to Javascript variable * PHP variable to Form variable or send Javascript variable to Form variable * Javascript variable to PHP variable (impossible) or send Form variable to PHP variable (impossible) * URL variables to PHP/Java Script page - Allow sending different variables via the URL string to the new page (readable through PHP or Javascript).

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Use it's numerical form element ID instead, or enclose the variable name in single quotes and use that as the index to the elements array, for example: Since Javascript is (usually) a client-side technology, and PHP is (usually) a server-side technology, and since HTTP is a "stateless" protocol, the two languages cannot directly share variables.

It is, however, possible to pass variables between the two.

This allows the user to This is impossible (unless you reload the page, or call another page), since all PHP code is rendered first (on the server side), and then Javascript is dealt with afterwards (on the client side).

Without refreshing, this is impossible like above for similar reasons.

The following script provides solution for this problem: Copy and paste this code snippet in the text editor, save it as and run it in your browser.

After this code has been executed, a user is automatically redirected to the page where screen resolution is displayed in the browser window.Have you ever needed to send a PHP variable, array, or object to Java Script?It can get complicated trying to escape the output properly.* PHP variables to PHP page - Alternatively, maintain a session by sending PHP variables to another page with PHP in (allows super large arrays).* Form variables to PHP page - Alternatively, allow sending hidden form variables to a PHP page.The manual page on this topic includes many examples as well. You'll only notice this in case of GET request though, because POST requests are usually hidden.Upon submitting, either via GET or POST, the data will be urlencoded by the browser for transferring, and directly urldecoded by PHP.Hi I am working on a php page which contains bits of javascript, html and php code.One of the features of my programme offers an inputbox and a click button(which is of type "submit" ) The user enters a string (for example: "test") and clicks the button ,then a new php page opens displaying the output in a textarea.Here's a way that always works—no escaping necessary.Let's say we have the following variable in PHP: , you'll always get a properly formatted Java Script object.


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