Argumentative Essay On Media Violence And

They need to help children to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

Without proper instruction, children often have This featured Media Violence Argumentative Essay is one of many example essays available on this topic.

What we do not realize though, is that it is the children that are ending up with problems.

Unlike most rational, educated adults, many children are gradually beginning to accept violence as a way to solve problems and are imitating what they observe on television.

During these sixty years, the one predominant finding studies have proven continuously is that exposure to media violence adversely affects children....

[tags: Violence, Aggression, Media violence research] - Children and adults in the United States spend about seven hours a day consuming different types of entertainment, such as video games, the Internet, television, movies, and music.

We, as a whole, have glorified this violence so much that movies such as "Natural Born Killers" and television shows such as "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" are viewed as normal, everyday entertainment.

It's even rare now to find a children's cartoon that does not depict some type of violence or comedic aggression.

By limiting the amount of time spent in front of the "tube," parents will compel their children to do something more productive like reading a book or playing outside.

In limiting TV time, parents also need to monitor what programs their children are watching and restrict the viewing of violent programs.


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